UR returns

Many thanks to everyone who posted their congratulations. Little Sibyl has blue eyes and brown hair, weighs a whole seven and a half pounds, and likes to scream, spit up and soil her diapers. After some exciting moments in the delivery room, notably one in which everyone but Mr. Moldbug took a little voyage to the OR on 30 seconds’ notice (just like on TV!), the whole family is doing quite well. Sibyl does have a small hole in her heart (VSD), but it’s probably no big deal.

Her father still has a vast pile of unanswered email, on which he has made no progress at all. The tsuris of parenthood made him wish many things undone were done, but principally his unsupervised thesis (a solution to Paul Graham’s problem). When his type inference can infer a type or two, UR may suddenly give way to programming-language evangelism. Don’t say you wasn’t warned.

However, I am trying to emerge from my shell, and there will be a new post tomorrow. Email will also be answered, probably in the inverse of the order received.

Thanks again to all the readers and commenters who have made UR so much fun over the last year. Without you, it certainly wouldn’t be here.