Austria felix

By the way, I must again apologize for my apparent inattention to UR’s comments section. It certainly does not mean I am indifferent to the discussion. It’s more that I don’t feel I have anything significant to contribute to it.

One commenter earlier asked for more on economics. (And others have asked for more computer science. But no one, so far, has asked for more verse. Hm.) In any case, earlier in the week I spent a little too much time over at Brad Setser’s blog, trying to explain Austrian economics to a bunch of finance and banking geeks.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the history, this is sort of like trying to sell your piano teacher on the virtues of Norse death metal. Or maybe like persuading Annie Sprinkle to join Opus Dei. Or like lecturing your prenatal yoga class on the game theory of nuclear war. In any case, if anyone has any interest in the subject, the thread is here—scroll down or grep for “moldbug.”