Gasoline, in you we cuffed Prometheus, Had him juiced, filtered and fermented, The finest vintage of pourable arson, Knocking us over with a lead bouquet,

Gasoline! Sturdy molecule, you have Many uses: poured on pond or stream, death To insects and their young; in a jar, Perfect for cleaning old bicycle chains.

Gasoline, every time someone in Africa Is dipped in you and leaps into flame, I must be frank: I care for you less. Thankfully, the feeling is transient.

Gasoline, I see you are in contango. The future, however, is full of events. It takes two to dance on the dollar; All covenants are closed by a bullet.

Gasoline? Are you listening? No, Burning like acid wire in our arteries. Burn, gasoline. The day you hiss and go out Is the month we murder each other for months.