Odds and ends

Due to strong north winds, this week’s UR has been postponed until tomorrow. In the meantime, some odds and ends.

Deogolwulf, il miglior fabbro, has a wonderful translation of Prince Metternich’s Political Testament—appearing in English for the first time, so far as we can discern, after a century and a half. Since any history of the modern age can be summarized by the observation that Metternich was right, the work is not unimportant. Also, don’t miss the Wulf’s thoughts on democracy.

Martin Regnen has produced a column of condensed moldbuggery for corrupt.org. Travelers may find this handy indeed, as one fellow who emailed me recently discovered: he had printed out the entire OL series, which came to 340 pages. Toner isn’t as cheap as it once was.

Conrad Roth is blogging again. If you have a literary bent, it must bend in Conrad’s direction. If it doesn’t, perhaps it’s some other bent you have.

And Carter van Carter is blogging still. Apparently not everyone “gets” ADC. If this description describes you, consider the possibility that you’re just not cool enough. The rest of us will be hanging out in Whitby—we’ll smoke some Ibogaine and hunt the Mande Burung.