UR will return on Thursday, November 6

Because it seems vaguely antisocial and just plain rude, like eating a BLT in a mosque, to operate an anti-democracy blog during our nation’s great celebration of freedom and unity.

I urge all UR readers to vote for Senator Obama. I have considered the issue carefully, and concluded that a vote for Obama is a vote for change. And America needs change.

In the “odds and ends” category, the Times profiles a Resartus-like operation, Opposing Views. It’s still pretty lame by my standards, but it’s a long way above “teh badest celebertiy.”

If you are one of the large number of people to whom I owe an email—or two—I will be incommunicado for at least a week, on account of travel. This does not excuse my rudeness, but perhaps it explains it. I swear on a stack of Bibles this high that October will be Email Month.

There is also a code word, which is “Jonathan.”