UR will return on Thursday, January 8

I think it is best to break for the holidays—don’t you? When attempting to compete with any monstrous monopoly, one might as well imitate by default its tactics.

When we return, I’ll start by responding to comments on the last four posts. Also, if you have any further questions about or points against the whole scenario, feel free to comment below.

Remember the comment policy of UR: any thought, however evil, is welcome—so long as it is phrased in literate and interesting terms, and will inform other readers, amuse them, or both. Please address your thoughts to other readers, not the essay itself. Please do not spam, twitter, use bad words, descend into flamage, or otherwise outrage good manners.

In the meantime, readers who just cannot get enough might be interested in this recent sortie against the NYT’s favorite military blog, and readers whose favorite chapter in every surf video is the essential “wipeouts” segment can track me down on Athens & Jerusalem. (I take strong exception to the commenter on this 2Blowhards thread who asserted that I have been, in some way, “served.” I am never served. At least, not on the facts. Style can be another matter.)