MMBF: the kittens are saved!

As of this morning, the MMBF stands at $4,099.86. (With several more pledged donations in the mail, making the total sum less auspicious—but more useful.)

Therefore, Dr. Vitamin will not get to drown those kittens. They are with me now. They are safe. And the pledge drive is over—I will stop pestering you for money.

Although, of course, kittens do need to eat. So it’s not as if you won’t always be able to:

I am also trying to organize some kind of group event for Bay Area donors—more details as they develop. If the email address you gave PayPal is fake, please send me another one, if you’d like to receive these valuable and interesting communications.

And again: thanks. Like your gifts, my gratitude can only be described as “epic.” I’m afraid you’ve disappointed Dr. Vitamin, however—but he’ll get over it.