Libya, the nadir achieved

This morning my stepfather—a former Hill staffer, National War College professor and author of several specialist historical monographs; an absolutely typical Washington insider—asked me what I thought “we” should do in Libya.

We? Do? As I replied, American foreign policy has found its nadir in every dimension. Is it moralizing, but unrealistic? Is it realistic, yet amoral? Neither! It is as unreal as it is immoral, as criminal as it is insane. “We had fed our heart on fantasies, / The heart’s grown brutal on the fare.” While the trope is anything but new, this spring its diabolical clarity burst out with a passion too bright to believe. Does the Devil shine? Is he passionate? He does, he is! Warning: ugly pictures ahead.

Nor is the sin merely that of the organs—State, the press, the NGOs. Oh, no! The sin is in our hearts. The nation itself stands at the bar. True, the organs are irresponsible. So was Hitler. Hitler was popular, however, and so are the organs. Hitler depended on his popularity; so do the organs. If we repented in our hearts, they wouldn’t last a minute. Were the German people guilty? They were, and so are we.

These crimes are ours. These crimes are yours. These crimes are mine. Whatever I have done, whatever I have said, I have not succeeded; so these crimes are mine. And ours, and yours. Useless to deny it! Scroll down and cringe.

Through the organs—the press’s eye, the tongue of State, even DoD’s cold and useless fist—it is America herself, the Great Spectator, for whom all puppets dance and yell, kill and die. And not just America—for in 2011, America is bigger than America, not a continent but a planet. International public opinion! The international community! In 2011, anyone anywhere with any kind of education is an American. Race, color, language, citizenship—details, archaic details. Everyone on Twitter: American. The global hive mind is born, and born American.

Could the rough beast be here? In January, we saw our first Twitter revolution. In February, we got our first Twitter military coup. Now it’s March, and we have our first Twitter civil war. Jack Dorsey in Vanity Fair:

Does Osama have any other sons? Perhaps Jon Lee Anderson could get them killed too. Do you subscribe to the New Yorker? Do you give these people money? Scroll up, look at the picture, then run to the toilet and vomit.

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