Are we big in France?

Tom Waits, of course, is big in Japan. I haven’t looked at the numbers. I am pretty confident that UR is not big in Japan. (Which is not actually a foreign country, but an alien planet. To paraphrase Wittgenstein: if a Japanese could speak, we would not understand him. This is the highest praise I can imagine for a nation which has actually retained some few scraps of its cultural integrity.)

Big? Big? Are we big anywhere? Alas, neighbors, UR or anything like it is a marginal product—peddled openly only among a small and unstable fringe of neo-Victorian extremists. Reactionary steampunk politics will never, ever be big. It will certainly never sell out to Hollywood!

That said, here is a (bad) picture of me in French. Wonderfully if predictably, in French, which I don’t know, I am a liberal:

One could perhaps simplify this by noting, with props to René Rémond, that the correct French translation of “formalism” is no more than legitimisme. I also think anyone unfortunate enough to be trapped in the wreck of a nation that once was France could improve their understanding of 20th-century history through the memoirs of Paul Baudouin and Sisley Huddleston.

Comments in French only, please. If you don’t have anything to talk about in French, why not talk about Taine’s Origines? Any educated Frenchman will have at least read Taine, n’est-ce pas? Dear gods, Planet Three has really gone to the dogs…