“The evidence of such sheer dishonesty in science was hard to accept.”

I am trying to take a small blogbreak today, because I actually have code to write. However, I do want to thank the godly Nick Szabo for linking to me. (I consider UR a bad imitation of Nick’s blog, Unenumerated, the main differences being that I post more often and Nick knows what he’s talking about.)

If anyone feels giddy as a result of UR withdrawal, however, you can top off your pessimism tank with a quick hop to Climate Audit. Don’t miss the comments on this article, where you will find beautiful and uplifting realizations, such as this by one Pat Frank:

I remember back when you first posted on the truncation of Briffa 2000, Steve, and recall being unable to parse the meaning of it. My mind felt numb. In retrospect, my reaction came because the evidence of such sheer dishonesty in science was too hard to accept. After an adult life-time of hewing to the principle of objectivity, to see the bedrock of science flouted on that scale by institutional scientists was more than I could countenance. I’ve since become more hardened.

Of course, Frank is an obvious denialist, probably a relative of Hans Frank. Not content with the rape of Poland and the mass murder of the Jews, these denialists are now ganging up to destroy the Earth herself, congregating on the notorious denialist hate site “Climate Audit.” I think a little “denial of service attack” might spoil their denialist Exxon-fried lunch.

(Sorry. Just practicing for the upcoming launch of UR: The ‘Kos Diary’—my upcoming spinoff site. The success of Unqualified Reservations—another five hits yesterday!—may be temporary, and I must move quickly to disseminate these important informations.)